How Packaging Leaves an Impression on Consumers

How Packaging Leaves an Impression on Consumers

A national study conducted by paper and packaging board revealed that 7 in 10 people said that packaging design influences a customer’s buying decision. For example, if you enter a supermarket shelf and see a stack of energy drinks, you will probably pick the one with the most attractive packaging, even if you already have a favorite. If you are in the e-commerce business, it still adds value by leaving a lasting impression on your buyers. 

What’s in a Package? 

The Business Insider magazine suggests that you got 7 seconds to convince your customers that your product is more reliable. The way you package your product represents the quality you deliver. It also helps them find what you are looking for in a product. If that's not enough, more than 52% of people are likely to repeat purchasing if it came in premium packaging. It also invokes curiosity in young customers and ends up being reused by them. A lot of people also share their interests on social media platforms influencing their like-minded friends.

How To Pack a Punch with Your Design 

Before you decide on the packaging, you must ask some crucial questions. The first and foremost question should be about your product. The dimensions, how delicate it is, the materials used, and whether it is perishable or not. For example, if you have a delicate product, it might require multiple layers. Or if your product has an odd dimension, then it might require custom shipping boxes.

Next, knowing your customers is very important. Is that product meant for all genders, kids, teens, or even senior citizens? Who will be buying your product, people with a lot of disposable income, or people who are on a budget? The success of good packaging lies in the smallest of details. For example, senior citizens might require a bigger font and minimalistic design while the teenager would prefer a quirky design. Lastly, you must know where your packaging will be shipped off - offline or online.

The Process of Designing 

Many times, packaging a product is like telling a story. There is no right or wrong way of telling a story. How it tugs the customers is what matters. 

  1. Don’t Be Afraid of Layers: There are three layers of packing; inner, outer, and actual packaging. Depending on what you are selling, it may need one or all three. The outer layer is what gives the first impression to your customers. The inner layer keeps your product safe while shipping or preserve freshness. And the sealing happens with actual packaging.
  2. Boxes/Pouches/Bottles: In the current world, the packaging options are not restricted to any single entity. Of all the options, the popular choice is custom boxes. From materials, shapes, style, to printing, you can decide on anything. It is also light in weight yet sturdy. They are also cost-effective and gives flexibility in design. If you are working with beauty products, fragrance, or food items, glass or plastic jars are ideal. But it can be a little expensive. There are also paper bags which are perfect while selling offline. 
  3. Give Honest Representation: People love to spend money on things that they can understand or get convinced. So, ensure that your product packaging is in sync with your product. Another thing that people hate it when the product image on your package and actual product don't match. There is nothing wrong with putting out the best image, but it should not be misleading. An honest representation builds a great relationship with your customers. 
  4. Eco-Friendly: Modern-day users are getting aware of the plastic/non-degradable items they are consuming. And they are trying to cut down the usage of those in every way possible. When you offer an eco-friendly package, it not only decreases the carbon footprint but also increases the brand value. 
  5. Secure fit: Nobody likes to receive a broken or damaged product. Whether the customer orders from you for the first time or it is a repeat order, it still leaves a bad review. It is ideal to choose the correct sized box which fits the product, pad them with eco-friendly peanuts or newspapers, secure wrapping with bubble wrap, and finally pack and seal it correctly. 
  6. Add Personal Touches: Whether you want to make the whole package experience or include a simple thank you note, interactivity is everything. For example, Coca Cola launched a #shareacoke campaign online, which encouraged users to send Coke to their beloved ones with their relationship tag. These personalized and quirky packages instantly increased their traction. You can also include a trivia in your package and then encourage the users to visit your website for more details. 

Final Thoughts

We at Arka, provide personalized and eco-friendly packages at any size or color. We have simplified the whole process, which makes it easy and quick. Whether you want ten customized order or a thousand, we are always happy to help. Our design team will help you come up with an idea that can get your customer’s attention. You can check our custom mailer boxes or custom shipper boxes that boost unboxing experience and leave a lasting impression!

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