How To Set Up a New WooCommerce Store

How To Set Up a New WooCommerce Store

WooCommerce is an intelligent e-commerce platform that has been creating quite a buzz ever since its launch nearly a decade ago.

WooCommerce was never a fad. It entered the game at the right time, equipped with the right tools. Today, WooCommerce is powering around 500, 000 companies worldwide and is active on more than 3 million websites.

If you’re looking to set up your store on WooCommerce, here is the step by step guide:


New Site or Plug-in?

There are two options in which you can utilize WooCommerce’s expertise to power your online store.

Your decision about which option to choose depends on whether you already have a WordPress site. It could be self-hosted or one with a Business Plan. In either of these scenarios, you can add the WooCommerce plugin from the plugins section on your dashboard.

If you don’t see a plugin or you don’t have a WordPress site, then you’ll need to follow the second option, which is to actually create a site. You can do that by clicking on thislink and filling in the information. Then you may install the WooCommerce set-up wizard.


Setting-Up via Wizard

Once you’ve installed WooCommerce on your computer, the set-up will guide you in an easy step-by-step fashion, towards setting up your full-fledged online store.

If you don’t have the information available right away, you can fill out only those pieces of information you have. The rest can be filled in at a later date. You won’t need to type it all out again. The wizard will save your information for another time.


Data Required To Set-Up


Your location and address

This refers to the country you are operating and the address at which you may be contacted if necessary.


Preferred currency

There’s a drop-down menu from which you may choose the currency of your choice. It will only list all relevant currencies pertaining to your country.


Physical or digital products

Digital products refer to software, images or any other data-driven products that are stored and shared electronically via files over the internet.


Selling products/services in person?

This data is requested in the form of a box that needs to be ticked. If you don’t tick it, you will be directed to create Stripe or PayPal accounts.

If you do mark the box and are located in the US, UK, Canada, Japan or Australia, you will be guided towards Stripe, PayPal and Square.

Plus, sellers from the UK will also be shown along with sellers from Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Norway, Finland, and the Netherlands.

Australians and New Zealanders may use eWAY.

In South Africa, PayFast is the accepted payment mode for WooCommerce.


Other payment options

As a seller, you may accept payments offline, via bank transfers and even cash on delivery. The set-up page will ask you to choose these options.


Assist WooCommerce with usage data from your store

Platforms such as WooCommerce are able to be upgraded based on data that they receive via experience and their clients. But if you do not wish for WooCommerce to access any of your usage data, (i.e.: how many buyers, which SKU worked better last year, which promotional idea suits your product line, etc.) you may opt-out of this.


Packaging and Shipping

You may opt for custom packaging though the option won’t appear on your set-up page! For that, clickhere!

However, the mentioned shipping options will include:

  1. a) The option to print shipping labels at home which is only available for US and Canadian sellers.
  1. b) The other option is for your preferred unit of measurements such as ounces and inches or any other.


Managing and Promoting Your Store


There are some exciting themes that you can install viaStorefront.

WooCommerce will also assist in marketing and promoting your brand using MailChimp and Facebook. You can even manage timely mailers, push notifications and even social media advertising.

Finally, check out theWooCommerce Guided Video Tour and start selling!


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