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What is The Right Kind of Packaging for Me?

The first interaction your customers have with you and your brand is your packaging. They judge you by the quality and style of the custom box you ship it in.

A study called “Checking All the Boxes” revealed that product packaging profoundly impacts customer satisfaction. That’s why online sellers are asking us What is the right kind of packaging for me?

Great Packaging Starts with a Tight Fit


You wouldn’t show up to a client meeting in a suit designed to fit a gorilla. Neither should your product turn up at a client’s door swallowed in a giant package filled with lots of extra air space, paper, peanuts, or other stuffing. A custom box is designed to keep your product safely in place while reducing the costs associated with dimensional weight shipping.

One way to get a trim fit is to use a card stock custom folding carton boxes. It’s affordable, and it offers the highest quality printing. But you have to ship a card stock carton inside a larger, sturdier box like custom mailer boxes or custom shipper boxes. These are the most common outer shipping boxes and are great to use with inner packaging such as the folding cartons.

The phrase quality packaging means it’s protective, fits your brand image, and is cost effective.

Packaging isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It should be tailored to your individual customer expectations and consistent with your brand’s image. Choose what works for you. Custom poly mailers, for example, are a great choice when you need a high-volume low-cost option for shipping a durable item. Fragile goods, however, ship best in a corrugated box such as the RELF or RSC. Consider your customer, your desired brand image, and your product before choosing a branded box.


Customers Deserve a Memorable Unboxing Experience


Presentation matters to your buyer whether they're standing in a big box store or their living room. Make sure you give them an entire buying experience not just a product. Corrugated mailers offer the top-shelf unboxing experience. Don’t let that steer you away from a poly mailer if it’s right for your customer, though.

At Arka, we can print as few as 200 poly mailers and as little as 10 corrugated RELF boxes. It’s our way of letting you test drive the options before making an investment in a full sized order.

You may not be there to see your customer’s reaction when your product arrives. You can rest easy, though, when you’ve chosen packaging that fits, a material that’s appropriate, and a personalized touch unique to your brand.

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