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What Do You Need To Know About Digital Printing?

Digital printing is a method of printing from a digital-based image directly to a variety of media. This modern method of printing comes with several advantages and benefits. It is convenient, quick and produces good quality images. It is also most suitable for small to medium quantity printing requirements. If you are looking for something similar, digital printing is the right option for you. 

What is Digital Printing?

Digital printing is a process where an image from a desktop or any electronic storage medium in the form of PDF or JPEG can be sent directly to the printer via software and the printed out. It is quick since there is no manual effort required in setting up the printing process, like stacking the papers, installing the rollers, etc. The process does not require the presence of a metal plate, like in the case of traditional printing processes such as offset printing. 

The examples of digital printing are laser and inkjet printing. This method provides high accuracy, flexible and constantly evolving features making this the most preferred way of printing. Unlike the traditional ways of printing, you don’t need to have bulk orders for getting cost-effective printouts. Digital printing enables quicker and cost-effective printing for small and medium-size orders without any hassles. 

Digital printing involves communicating with the printer via software to identify the images in the form of pixels. These pixels are then transferred to the printer to identify the color, matter, and composition to get ready for printing. 

Digital Printing and Offset Printing: Main Differences

In common terms, for clear understanding, digital printing is your homebound printer connected to your laptop or the desktop. You upload a file in the laptop and give command of print and the printer gives out the uploaded image. 

Whereas, imagine a newspaper press which has huge equipment installed for printing purposes. It mainly consists of metal plates made of aluminium which are used to transfer the image on to a rubber blanket which in turn transfers the image on the media substrate through a roller. 

Benefits of Digital Printing

  • Time Saver

You cannot think of quick printouts in any kind of printing, apart from the digital printing process. Just send the images to your laptop, desktop or any other electronic devices and click print to get what you want. No need to wait at all. 

  • Less Investment

Digital printing needs less investment as compared to a traditional method of printing. You don’t need a large set up to keep digital printing tools like a laser printer or an inkjet printer unlike the offset printer with metal plates and huge rollers. 

  • Smudge-Free

The printing accuracy is very good and the chance of colors smudging with each other is very negligible.

  • Cost-Effective

When you have a shorter requirement or a medium requirement, digital printing comes out handy. Unlike the offset printers which need a larger quantity for cost-effectiveness. 

  • Advanced Technology

Digital printing is modern technology for printing and keeps on evolving further to pass on the benefits of quick and easy printing processes. 

  • Less Wastage

The ink is used in proportion with the images only and does not get wasted in the digital printing formats. 

When it comes to custom package printing, digital printing is the best choice to make. You can go by the design you want and at a quicker pace. Whether you have designed a flyer or a brochure, you could always be on time with your deliverables and high-quality image print-outs. 

The only limitation of digital printing is that it is suitable for only a certain type of paper stock and is difficult to utilize the printing options for thicker media substrate like the corrugated sheets or chipboards. 

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