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5 Rules for Packaging Design

The best way to deliver an unforgettable experience to your customers and make them think wow is by custom packaging. There exists a direct association between product packaging and the value of the product as perceived by customers. Never underestimate the role of custom packaging in providing maximum value to customers. 

Custom Boxes ensure that your customers see your brand and make an opinion about it just as they receive. It is therefore imperative that you ensure to form a good impression of your brand in the customers’ minds through proper custom packaging solutions. It is one way of presenting your business to the outside world and increase your brand awareness.


Perks of Custom Boxes 


Some extensive advantages of using Custom Boxes as the shipping solution:

  • Customers feel they have received more from you than they bargained value when they receive the goods in well-customized packaging and the custom packaging impacts consumer behavior.
  • Customers stay loyal and leave a positive impression of your brand.
  • Custom boxes form the essence of the first impression of your brand in the customers’ minds.
  • Custom boxes will align with your morals and the brand’s message that you carry to your customers’ hands.
  • Customers judge what they see, and proper customized packaging will communicate to your customers that your brand is consistent and professional.

In this article, we discuss some of the aspects that will help increase your brand awareness through custom boxes.


Shape and Size Matter


The magic behind the success of a product also lies in how to make the package stand out from the crowd. Companies spend a lot of time thinking about the best possible way to package a product. They consider the shape and size of the package, how the product is used, decide if the package chosen will be appropriate for the product and pay close attention to their competitors. Customers have a choice of products packaged in what works best for them. 

An effective package design is one that permits good eye flow, provides the consumer with a point of focus, and conveys meaning about the brand’s attributes and benefits. Shape, size and label design are few elements that work together to help define a brand’s image in custom boxes.

Custom boxes must always be the right fit for the product that is packaged inside it. There is always a challenge in deciding the packaging solution for oddly shaped products though. The ideal method to make decisions about which packaging to choose for items like these is to take accurate measurements. Shapes of some products also need creative custom packaging.

A custom shipping box may include one or many products. Hence, the boxes should be customized based on the size of the contents. Package labels play an influential role in affecting consumer behavior. Labels go beyond their traditional role and offer product information and product protection as well. Properly defined labels can add value to your packaging solution.


Quality Material To Ensure Proper Packaging


Customers prefer custom boxes that are in the same good condition as the item inside. Most of them also reuse the boxes so you need to ensure that the box lives up to the expectations. They don’t want the box dented or torn on receipt. From a performance view, the box must have sufficient flexibility, rigidity and stacking strength. Hence, the quality of raw material should be chosen to build custom boxes. 

Custom boxes can be manufactured with double-wall design to provide more strength and cushioning to safeguard the products packed inside. Some boxes are made with a triple wall lining to give more thickness and good stacking strength to the box. Quality packaging also ensures the quality of the product from the point of manufacture to the final consumer. Packaging must contain and protect the product from a wide range of hazards such as moisture, shock, compression, heat, and infestation by bacteria and others. Packages are also subject to distribution hazards in loading and unloading, movement, transportation and in warehousing and storage. Hence, the custom box packaging material should be robust enough to protect and contain the product through all phases of distribution.


Attractive Colors and Logos To Give Extra Appeal


The package serves as a means of identifying the product inside in a way that is impossible from its mere appearance from outside. A logo helps define your company and makes what you create more memorable to your customers. A well-designed logo renders credibility and professionalism and may help reinforce your marketing strategy if it is on the higher side compared to your competitors. When designing your logo, consider how and in what type of packaging you might be using it. 

Thoughtful, colorful packaging draws customers in and can showcase your product to customers. Colors used in custom boxes have the ability to communicate with various cognitive and emotional meanings to customers. Research shows that colors play an important role in affecting our senses. In addition to the emotional impact that color brings to a package, polished reflective surfaces and color schemes employing royal colors like gold and silver add elegance and prestige to products. 

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The right packaging material you choose can get the product to reach your consumer safely intact. Incorporating the above aspects into your business can make your custom box brand a memorable one in your customers’ minds.

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