Can Custom Stickers Enhance Unboxing?

Can Custom Stickers Enhance Unboxing?

Unboxing videos are a growing phenomenon, showcasing customer reactions. Brands are aware of this ever-increasing trend. Providing a memorable unboxing experience helps brands build loyalty and customer satisfaction. While your customers are aware of what’s inside, the outside presentation of your shipping boxes paves the way for appreciation. Custom stickers are a great way to build excitement and encourage spreading the word through various social media shares.

Giving your customers a personalized and customized unboxing experience ignites excitement and piques their interest. According to Google, the amount of time people have spent watching unboxing videos on their phones is equivalent to watching the movie Love Actually more than 20 million times. So, it is a great way to encourage people to promote your brand and let the word out.

Custom stickers have the power to enhance the unboxing experience for your customers. Brand stickers are not just fun-pack-inserts. They help you establish your brand identity and promote your brand image.


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Why is an Unboxing Experience Important?


An unboxing experience is a crucial stage in a customer’s journey and marketing strategy. It has many benefits and has gained popularity. Let us count the benefits of providing a great unboxing experience to customers. 


Creates a Good First Impression 

With so many competitors trying to stay ahead, brands must work harder to create an excellent first impression. For potential customers, the moment of delivering a product is a great opportunity for retention. A well-designed custom package lets you build trust and customer loyalty. Customers find it great that you, as a brand, value them and provide more than just a product or service. It also creates a good first impression that enables the customers to order again. So, make sure you use the opportunity wisely and plan it thoroughly to make the most out of it. 


Improves Brand Image

Multiple brands or e-commerce retailers are offering similar products and services. It becomes hard to stand out. As a business, you need to offer more than just a product to let your customers come to you again and again. A memorable unboxing experience guarantees that the customer will come again. They compare your services, product and packaging with other brands. So, make sure you provide them with an opportunity to do so. 


Build Customers Loyalty 

According to a report, it takes at least five purchases to build customer loyalty. That's a high number. The question is, how do brands manage to build customer loyalty? 

The answer lies in loyalty programs or personalized shopping experiences. But the unboxing experience is another way to boost retention. Unboxing comes with an array of emotions– letting customers know that they are valued. As a result, they prefer to come to the same brand that offers value. 


Great Marketing Tool 

Unboxing videos are a great marketing tool and an effective way to boost your content marketing. It encourages engagement and organic growth, which in turn promotes your brand. You interact with your customers differently by adding unboxing videos or photos to social media channels. 

Providing a memorable experience has become pertinent. These are some of the benefits that unboxing offers to your customers. Brands should not miss this opportunity and plan a good marketing strategy so you can reap its benefits.


Why are Stickers Used for Packaging?


Packaging is a game changer and greatly influences a buyer’s decision. The anticipation with which customers wait for their parcels reaches its climax when the package shows up at their doorstep. A branded unboxing experience makes your product stand out. It no longer stays an ordinary product, and unwrapping the custom folding cartons becomes a big event. 

Using stickers is a growing trend within the marketing world. Adding stickers to branded boxes enhances the unboxing experience. They also present an excellent opportunity to build strong connections with customers. 27% of Americans say they watch unboxing product review videos weekly. So, it is a big deal and one of the great marketing tools for brands. 

Moreover, using stickers help brands make their product stand out from the rest. It is a great way to reinforce brand recognition. Customers can see your company logo, which is likely to create positive feelings every time customers open the package. 

Apart from brand recognition, stickers are also useful for carrying important information about your brand so customers can reorder. It is an inexpensive method to help your customers remember your brand. It also allows customers to know more about the product.


What are The Types of Stickers?


At Arka, we have a variety of custom stickers to help you make your customers delighted. Since they are a great way to represent your brand and establish identity, we encourage you to look into the different types and choose according to your brand. Some of the types of stickers are:


Logo Sticker 

They are ideal for wrapping delicate items and can be used for sealing packages for shipping. Logo stickers are an effective marketing tool for your business. You can customize them according to the packaging style. They carry your business logo and its name.


Informational Sticker  

For labeling food and personal wellness items, informational stickers are your best choice. These stickers are used to provide details about a product for transparency. In addition, details like ingredients and contents of the products and any possible food allergens can also go on this sticker. Informational stickers also carry the company logo. 


Descriptive Labels 

Just like informational stickers, the labels serve the same purpose but are slightly different. They are perfect for adding instructions that might be needed to use the product correctly. 


How Do Stickers Enhance The Unboxing Experience?


A branded unboxing experience differs from ordinary e-commerce deliveries as the main purpose is to delight and surprise customers. The post-purchase stage in a buyer’s journey is important. It builds anticipation and excitement, and brands try hard to keep the satisfaction bar high. Using elements like branded packaging, engaging inserts, free samples and custom stickers, brands can enhance the experience and emotionally connect with their customers. This is a great opportunity for merchants to invest in their brands and make their customers happy so they can return to them in the future. 

A delightful and memorable unboxing experience gives positive customer reviews, which is essential for organic reach. Today customers expect brands to make their shopping experience smooth and enjoyable. Over time, the trend of unboxing videos has become a great marketing tool. 90% of consumers say they found a new brand or product by watching YouTube videos. 

So, there is a lot of pressure when connecting with customers and providing them with a great unboxing experience. You do not have to worry, as we can help you in this regard. We have compiled a small list of tips that can help you enhance the unboxing experience for your customers by using custom stickers.


Have Your Branded Tape  

Using tapes for packaging with the company logo is a great idea for brand identification. Visually, it makes a great difference as the branded tape is different from any ordinary tape. These tapes are also called logo tapes. 

A plain box and a box with branded tape carry the same item, but a little upgrade can make a huge impression on your deliveries. Another reason for using branded tape is security. You want the product to reach its owner safely, and Arka’s reinforced tape delivers your package in one piece. 

Another reason for using branded tape is the impact. An ordinary box packed with ordinary tape fails to impress the receiver. However, branded packaging greatly impacts and leaves an impression on anyone who sees the package. If all things fall into the right place, it brings your customers a sense of joy.


Use Stickers as Inserts  

Customers always admire any free sample that accompanies the package. You can send stickers as inserts to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Sending a well-designed sticker with your company logo is a great way to keep your customers happy. 

Moreover, it acts as a business card, and people tend to display stickers which is an effective way to promote your brand. So feel free to use stickers as inserts. 


Use Stickers To Customize Packages 

Stickers are an inexpensive way to make custom boxes. It sets your packaging apart and helps you leave a lasting impression on your customers. Moreover, it is a great way to build the first impression and let your customers know you value them. Customers also feel they are dealing with a professional company. 

With customized stickers, you can build customer loyalty and give your customers a chance to have a great unboxing experience. 


Keep Your Packaging Fresh

Experimenting with packaging style and design is a smart approach to keep your packaging interesting. But changing the design and style of boxes is a costly undertaking. Using stickers serves the same purpose, and it is not expensive at all. 

Custom stickers are cost-effective and highly customizable so that you can print in any size and in bulk. Make sure you keep rotating the stickers and keep the packaging style fresh. 


Add a Customized Note 

Let us face it. Who doesn’t like a special customized message on their package? 

Adding a customized note as simple as “Thank you” on stickers is a great way to communicate with your customers at a personal level. Your customers feel valued and happy at the thought that they are being heard. You can give them an amazing end-to-end shopping experience by adding customized notes on the stickers. 


Add Special Instructions

You can add special instructions and messages like “This way up”, “Handle with care”, “Fragile”, etc., to keep the product safe during transit. Once they arrive at the destination, customers can be impressed with the brand’s diligence. 

These are some creative and not-so-expensive ways to create an enduring experience for your customers. Stickers are a great marketing and brand recognition tool that brands can use to promote their business and products. 


How Do Custom Stickers Improve Product Presentation?


As a business, you must keep pace with the changing trend and consider ways to keep your brand ahead of your competitors. Incorporating custom stickers is a creative way to let people know about your brand. Custom stickers help your business gain visibility and improve the packaging design. It also allows you to create a marketing strategy that meets the conversion rate and enables you to establish long-lasting relationships with your customers. 

Let us see how custom stickers improve the presentation of your product. 


Improves Product Quality 

Products packed with care and shipped with utmost safety are why customers want to come to you again. When a package arrives at the doorstep, customers first interact with the packaging before even seeing the product. Using custom-water-activated tapes and custom stickers lets the customers know that the packaging is of high quality. 


Pays Attention To Detail 

Customers are keen, and brands know they like the small details. Moreover, the perception of value also improves when customers pay attention to detail. When a brand chooses a custom tape over ordinary tape and uses custom stickers for brand logos, it is a clear sign to customers that the business puts effort into its branding. Make use of intricate designs and patterns that stand out. 


Conveys Useful Information 

Using custom stickers for conveying useful information is another way of improving product presentation. Instead of going for an old style of warning people of food allergens or fragile products, you can use stickers to let the customers know. 


Establish Brand Identity

As brands can customize stickers and add their brand colors and logo, it is a great way for a business identity. Using custom stickers, you can communicate your brand identity to existing and potential customers. Logo stickers, in this regard, can be a powerful tool for creating awareness about a brand. In addition to this, you can also add custom messages to improve the customer’s experience. 


Wrap Up


Creating a memorable unboxing experience requires planning. Arka offers you custom solutions to stay ahead of your competitors, and customers can come to you again and again. You can check the custom gift boxes or mailer boxes that Arka creates. Choosing custom stickers to enhance the unboxing experience for your customers connects you at a personal level. Get in touch with us to create eye-catching custom boxes for you!

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