19 Ways To Jump Start Your Holiday Custom Packaging

19 Ways To Jump Start Your Holiday Custom Packaging

Custom packaging using Arka logo and fireworks in the background for  the 4th of July or New Year's Eve

When it comes to gifts, everyone likes to get a gift packed with care. So why not entice your customers with a packaging design of the occasion. 

Here we have compiled a list of occasions (most requested by you) with which you can customize your packaging

Although we start our list in February, you can jump down to April to get a start today! If we have missed one you love, feel free to let us know and we will gladly add it! 

President Lincoln and President Washington with a background of the flag

Lincoln’s Birthday, President's Day

  • Date: February 12th always (2/12/22), 3rd Monday in February (2/21/22)
  • Tidbit: Only Kentucky, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Texas, California, Missouri, and New York now observe Lincoln’s birthday
  • Mini History: President’s Day is George Washington’s birthday.
  • Colors: Black, white, gray or green, or red, white, and blue
  • Scenery: Presidential heads, Mt. Rushmore, currency, the flag, Cherry tree, tall Lincoln hat,
  • Words: Honest Abe, Father of the country

Remember you can add a little extra touch by just changing the colors of your logo or the font you write with too!

Arka  logo with a background of Valentine's message candy hearts
Arka logo with a heart and some dots

Valentine’s Day

  • Date: February 14th every year
  • Tidbit: In Korea, every 14th of the month is a type of Valentine’s Day!
  • Mini History: 16 different countries celebrate Valentine’s Day! It was named after three saints named Valentine, all executed, and one executed for secretly marrying people. This was during the reign of Emperor Claudius. The Emperor decided that single men make better soldiers so he made marriage illegal! 
  • Colors: Red, pink and white
  • Scenery: Love & Romance, candy hearts, chocolates, flowers, red roses, couples kissing, couples on a romantic bridge, strawberry covered chocolates, hearts, lips, hugs, couple kissing under an umbrella, 
  • Words: I love you, my love, one true love, forever, yours always, be mine, love doctor, love machine, my forever love

You can go with an elaborate design for your packaging. Or just change your logo colors and add some hearts. Either way, the one receiving the package will most likely be a great deal more excited in opening your decorated box, as opposed to a plain one!

Mardi Gras mask with beads and Arka logo in Purple , gold and green

Mardi Gras

  • Date: 47 days before Easter, March 1st, 2022
  • Tidbit: Mardi Gras means Fat Tuesday in French! In Louisiana, it’s a legal holiday!
  • Mini History: brought to the USA by French settlers 
  • Colors: Green, purple and gold
  • Scenery: beads, parades, fancy masks, lavish balls, street parties, fancy dinners, glitter, king cake, crowns
  • Words: mardi gras is a state of mind,  everywhere else-it’s just Tuesday, it’s time to get jazzy, leave a sparkle wherever you go, from bead to shining bead

What a fun way to decorate your packaging! Perhaps even include some glitter inside for an extra fun surprise!

St. Patrick's day with lucky clovers and Arka logo

St. Patrick’s Day

  • Date: February 17th every year
  • Tidbit: 50 countries celebrate it
  • Mini History: The thirteen colonies celebrated St. Patrick’s day in 1737!
  • Colors: Green
  • Scenery: drinking, shamrocks, leprechaun, a pot of gold, rainbow with a pot of gold at the end, shamrock cookies, green beer, lucky horseshoe
  • Words: “May the roof above us never fall in, and may we friends beneath  it never fall out," “a good friend is like a four-leaf clover, hard to find, and lucky to have”

Ah, St. Patty’s Day is a fun day. Better wear green or you get a pinch!

a field of pink and yellow variegated tulips with bright Arka logo

Spring Equinox

  • Date:  March 20 or 21st depending on the vernal equinox (nature follows her own clock)
  • Tidbit: Spring Equinox is when the sun lines up perfectly with the equator, it is celebrated all around the world as the beginning of springtime 
  • Mini History:  Celebration of hope and renewal since the time of the Dynasty of Persian Kings 
  • Colors:  pastels of all colors, bright colors
  • Scenery:  flowers- tulips and hyacinths, bonfires, family gatherings, baby animals, nature
  • Words: rebirthnew life, Spring into action, spring forward, spring is nature’s way of saying “let’s party!”, spring cleaning, springtime loving, live like it’s spring

Spring offers such a nice way to design your custom packaging. The options are as endless as there are a variety of flowers. You can most likely use spring design for  Easter and Mother’s Day too!


  • Date: April 4th, 2021 (but for future Easters, check out this link to Wikipedia)
  • Tidbit: celebrated in 95 countries
  • Mini History: Originally celebrated as the resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • Colors: pastels of all colors, bright colors
  • Scenery: Easter eggs, Easter egg hunts, bunnies, Easter baskets, family gatherings, bunnies in eggs, kids finding their special eggs, decorating eggs
  • Words: rejoice and be thankful, life never ends and love never dies

Anyone who has ever hunted for Easter eggs knows the joy it can bring! Your packaging can remind people of the joy they experienced as kids.

Arka logo in the middle of tall trees in a dense forest

Earth Day

  • Date: April 22nd every year
  • Tidbit: 193 countries observe it
  • Mini History: originally set to be celebrated on March 21st around the spring equinox to honor Earth and Peace
  • Colors: green, yellow, blue and white
  • Scenery: Nature, tall trees, planet earth, human hugging planet earth, 
  • Words: go green, think green, go vegan, give a hoot-don’t pollute, speak up for nature, speak up for your planet, earth first, walk-don’t drive, gratitude for nature, save our planet-it’s the only one we got!

Everyone likes to think they are doing something to help mother nature, after all, she has done so much for us.

You may check out our most environmentally friendly shipping packaging to make a difference. Our custom shipping boxes and mailer boxes help us do our part to be kinder to our planet.

Mamma bird and baby bird in pastel saying "words are never enough for all you do"

Mother’s Day

  • Date: Second Sunday of May, May 9th, 2021
  • Tidbit: The originator of Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis, ended up protesting against the modern-day celebration as it became too commercialized. She wanted us to spend time with our moms and do things like writing her handwritten notes, not just send her things but not see her. Time and effort was the key she felt people lost sight of. 
  • Mini History: although it did not become official until 1970, Mother’s day originated back in 1868, today 50 countries celebrate it in some form
  • Colors: pastels
  • Scenery: Flowers, teacups, baby animals with their mom, queens, hearts, sunshine, superhero, brunches, hugging, kisses, spa, bubble bath
  • Words: best mom in the world, cannot thank you enough, you have done so much, you are appreciated

Moms, grandmas, fur baby mamas, mother-like figures...they all love to be appreciated. I mean, who doesn't? Having your packaging show her some respect gives it that nice cherry on top. Nice job!

American Flag with Arka in red, white and blue colors

Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day & Armed Forces Day

  • Date: Memorial Day is the last monday of May, May 31, 2021. Veteran’s Day is Nov 11, Armed Forces Day is 3rd Saturday of May, May 15th, 2021
  • Tidbit: Memorial day is to honor those soldiers who have passed, Veteran’s Day is to honor those who have served, and Armed forces day is for those who are still serving. 
  • Mini History: John F. Kennedy declared Armed Forces Day as an official holiday in 1961
  • Colors: red, white and blue
  • Scenery: soldiers in uniform, the flag, the flag-waving, statues of soldiers, kids running to return solder parent, candles
  • Words: freedom, brave, security, defense, protection, vigil, honor

It’s pretty convenient that you can use the same product design for these three days. You might even use some of the same artwork for the 4th of July.

Whether you agree with the military protocols or not, we can agree that these folks deserve our respect and gratitude. And it’s nice to acknowledge those who sacrifice so much to serve their country and its people. Thank you for your service folks!

Custom packaging for dad with ties and mustaches in dark green

Father’s Day

  • Date: 3rd Sunday in June, June 20, 2021
  • Tidbit: 84 countries celebrate it
  • Mini History: In 1910 Spokane, Sonora Smart Dodd started the notion of Father’s Day to honor her dad that raised her and her 5 siblings on his own. 
  • Colors: Dark, masculine colors like blue, green, gray and black
  • Scenery: ties, trophies, baseball, kid on dad’s shoulders, kid running to dad, bbq, coffee cups, superheroes, mechanics, fishing, reading a book with kid on lap, mustache
  • Words: best dad ever, world’s greatest dad, dad my hero, dad you made me who I am, taught me so much

It’s clear, in comparison to Mother’s Day, dads get the shaft. Nevertheless, great dads deserve recognition too! It’s a unique treat to cater to dads. Fancy up your packaging with a nod to the men who raised us.

fireworks background, Arka logo for 4th of July

Independence Day

  • Date: 4th of July
  • Tidbit: We had a revolution because the rules the British imposed on us were not our cup of tea. Viva la Revolution! Over 106 other countries have independence day celebrations of their own. 
  • Mini History: When America won its independence from King George and the British rule
  • Colors: Red, white, and blue
  • Scenery: fireworks, BBQs, picnics, family gatherings, hotdogs, friends, bonfires on the beach, balloons, baseball games, county fairs, stars, flags, the statue of liberty 
  • Words: born free, revolution, pride, independence, freedom, opportunity

The fourth of July gives us such a fun chance to decorate our packaging. With so many options, often interchangeable with other holidays, it’s always a smart bet to design for the fourth! 

Grandparents Day at Arka with two cartoon grandparents holding hands and smiling. Using soft colors

Grandparents Day

  • Date: September 12th every year
  • Tidbits: the Forget Me Knot is the official flower
  • Mini History: founded in 1978 on the gratitude of senior contributions
  • Colors: light green, sky blue, grey or go all out with bright vibrant colors!
  • Scenery: grandparent reading story to grandkid on lap, flowers, butterflies, grandparent and kid on park bench, grandparent helping kid fly a kite, 
  • Words: you showed me the way, you make my world better, you are my guiding light, you make history fun

Grandparents are such a treasure. They love you, they spoil you, they show you the way. We don’t have them for very long, not long at all. While we do have the honor of their presence in our lives, it is nice to let them know how special they are. Why not pick a packaged product that shows off your love for them? Why not make every moment, every thing, as special as possible with them? In fact, why don’t we do that with all those we love?

Autumn Equinox

  • Date:  Usually around September 21st to 24th. September 22 this year
  • Tidbit: Also known as the first day of Fall, or the Fall Solstice, when the day and the night are the same lengths. The word Equinox comes from Latin where aequi means equal and nox means night.
  • Mini History: back in ancient times when we didn’t have iPhones to tell us the time, people told time by the position of the sun
  • Colors: Orange, green, dark yellow, brown
  • Scenery: Trees, persimmons, pumpkins, gourds, hayrides, warm sweaters, lanterns
  • Words: fall into, happy fall y’all, pumpkin kisses, and harvest wishes

Around the same time, we celebrate the coming of autumn, many Asian countries celebrate a mida-utumn festival called the Moon festival or Mooncake festival. They give gifts, visit family and friends, dance and enjoy good food. 

Who knew autumn could be so fun?  Well, it can! With packaging designs that can also be used for other days like Halloween or Harvest Festivals, decorating your packaging with an Autumn design is sure to please.

Halloween at Arka, orange background, black Arka logo on right, multi size black bats on left
Halloween at Arka with a green background and encircled by Halloween decor in orange and black as pumpkins, cobwebs, confetti and skeletons. 


  • Date: October 31st every year
  • Tidbit: Originally Halloween was a day for us to remember those who have passed on.
  • Mini History: The commercial Halloween we know today started back in the 1900s when die-cut paper decorations were sold. In the 1930’s costumes started becoming popular. And in the 1950’s we adopted trick or treating! 
  • Colors: orange, purple, and black
  • Scenery: jack o lanterns, pumpkins, kids in costumes, haunted houses, graveyards, ghosts, bags of candy, candied apples, black cat on a fence, full moon, haunted mansion behind a starry sky with full moon, cobwebs, skeletons 
  • Words: happy Halloween, happy all hallow’s eve, trick or treat, go batty, I’m batman

Oh my, how fun Halloween can be! So many choices on how to design! Pick what makes you smile and go with it. 

Hanukkah at Arka with dreidels and good coins with menorah embedded on them
Hanukkah at Arka with packaging design with a Menora and presents.


  • Date: Somewhere between late November and December. This year it’s November 28th
  • Tidbit: also known as the festival of lights
  • Mini History: Commemoration of the Jewish people’s revolution against their oppressors in second-century bc
  • Colors: blue and white
  • Scenery: menora, dreidel, family, presents, blue and white fairy lights, gold coins
  • Words: worship, Hebrew, shamash, light, candle

With the designs in blue and white, it surely will pop on your packaging! 

Winter Solstice

  • Date: December 21st or 22nd, this year it is December 21st
  • Tidbit: shortest day of the year, longest night of the year
  • Mini History: The druids (Celtic Priests) celebrated this day as a time to welcome the return of the sun.
  • Colors: Blue and white or red and green
  • Scenery: Snowy mountains, snowmen, snow fox, polar bear, mistletoe, green and red plants
  • Words:  winter wonderland, no winter lasts forever, it’s cold outside!, let’s snuggle.

This a great theme to have in your back pocket. Your custom design for winter is again another interchangeable theme you can use for occasions like Christmas and Hanukkah. Or just use it all winter as a politically correct design everyone can appreciate.

Santa in the sky with his reindeer and white arka logo


  • Date: December 25th every year 
  • Tidbit: It’s a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ
  • Mini History: Christmas wasn’t always a family-oriented, child-centered celebration. No, that only happened in the 19th century. In the middle ages, Christmas was a loud, drunken, carnival like state! 
  • Colors: green and red
  • Scenery: Christmas tree, presents, snow, snowman, Santa with child on lap, Santa Claus coming out of chimney, Santa eating cookies, reindeer, Santa and his reindeer, holly, green garlands,kids waiting in pj’s for Santa, ornaments, Santa looking at his list.
  • Words:“ho, ho, ho!”, Wishing you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, to all a good night, Happy Christmas, Naughty or Nice!

So how have you been this year? Naughty or nice? Either way, Santa knows, he always knows. 

New Year's at Arka with two champagne glasses toasting in front of a star confetti background

New Year’s Day/New Year’s Eve

  • Date: December 31st/ January 1st
  • Tidbit: 45% of all American make new year’s resolutions each year
  • Mini History: The concept originated in ancient Mesopotamia in 2000 B.C.!
  • Colors: Gold and Silver with any other colors
  • Scenery: Opening champagne, parties, dancing, champagne glasses toasting, dressy outfits, music, kissing at midnight, balloons, fireworks, hat, horns
  • Words: celebrate, cheers, dance the night away, party ‘til dawn, party all night long


  • Date: Every single day
  • Tidbit: In ancient Persia, people celebrated their birthdays bigger and better than any other holiday of the year! Nice one!
  • Mini History: The Egyptians were the first to start celebrating birthdays back in 3000 BCE. Of course, that was to celebrate the Pharaoh's birthday! 
  • Colors: Multi bright colors
  • Scenery: birthday cake, birthday candles, balloons, confetti, presents, family, kids, hugs, dancing, parties, crown, funny hats 
  • Words: it’s your birthday, birthday boy, birthday girl, happy bday, birthday spanking, birthday singing

Originally a celebration of gratitude to the Gods, what a celebration it must have been. Today, everyone should have the opportunity to celebrate their birthday. After all, are we not grateful for our lives? Do you not matter? Yes, you do matter! You matter very much!

A package designed with birthdays in mind is something that is always useful. Imagine if you were going to purchase a birthday gift and they have the option for a birthday wrap! How great would that be! Well, you can make that happen for someone.

It is an occasion that everyone is a part of one way or another. It’s also something a person will surely remember.  

Final Thoughts

If just knowing a dress up of your custom box will increase your sales doesn't convince you, how about some statistics on the ecommerce rise? Well according to many sources including Digital Commerce 360, in the United States alone, people spent a whopping $861.12 billion online in 2020!  That is the highest annual e-commerce growth in twenty years! And it is only rising! Check out the graph below!

Map courtesy of Digital Commerce 360


In an age where your package can get lost in a sea of plain old brown, it’s nice to have the luxury of alternatives. Especially when everyone is shipping more and more items each day.

Make sure your product gets dressed up and taken out of the sea of the plain. Finding what designs your business needs can be a challenge. It can also be a good time! We hope that this article has given you some helpful tips.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. And remember, have fun!

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