Still Using Plain Brown Packaging? Time to Level Up!

Still Using Plain Brown Packaging? Time to Level Up!

With digital advancements, eCommerce is the name of the retail game today. As soon as an order is placed, one eagerly waits for the delivery. A smart marketing tactic is to make good use of this excitement as a branding opportunity and build identity. 

It is about time you got rid of those boring brown boxes and spiced up the game using customized shipping material that has your logo, your company name and your creativity on display. 

Not convinced? Here are all the reasons why customized packaging attracts customers:


They Stand Apart and Grab Attention


    Been there, seen that, and tired of plain-Jane boxes, it is always a welcome change for your customers to receive orders that come with designed packaging. One would almost immediately stop to admire a great design element.

    Designs can also trigger certain emotions or feelings in a customer. Great, cheerful designs or even simply attractive ones do a fair job of keeping you in the good books of your customers.

    All in all, they generate a sense of excitement that goes a long way in branding.


    Social Media Showcase

      One can’t argue about the influence of social media on the public in general and how companies can make use of different social media platforms to promote and advertise their products.

      In such a scenario, wouldn’t you, from a consumer’s point-of-view, want to display an artistic package along with the product you just received to spice up the picture? 

      And wouldn’t that be great branding for you as a retailer? 

      After all, word-of-mouth is the most effective marketing strategy, and social sharing always plays its role when it comes to your customers.


      Gifting Material

        If your customer is placing an order to gift it to someone else, they don’t have to fret about finding good shipping boxes to place it in or get it wrapped because they already received it in a great, customized package that looks better without a wrapper.

        If your customer so chooses, you can always provide them with an option to ask for special packages that serve gifting purposes. 


        Themed Boxes 

          Every festival, event or celebration is another great opportunity to spice up your packaging material. 

          Put on your creative hats and get down to design a themed package that would convey greetings to your customers. Imagine how exciting it would be to receive bright red and green custom gift boxes with cheerful illustrations and best wishes on Christmas Day.

          This will not just improve your brand identity but also help you build a personal touch with your customers.

          With Arka, you don’t have to worry about your festive-packages lying around in your inventory until next year because you can order as few as you need. You can design your custom mailer boxes with the help of professionals!


          Multi-Utility Boxes

            Environment-conscious consumers would want to make use of the packaging material to store other items in order to prevent more trees from being cut down or more natural resources being used up. If you offer customized packaging, every time they take a look at it or open it, they are being reminded of your brand and connecting with it. 

            What better way to stay in your customer’s mind than to be remembered every now and then? When buying and selling were conventional, your salesmen could always build rapport with your customers by engaging them in a conversation. Now, as they walk through the virtual doors of eCommerce, let your shipping material speak for you and create the same impact that will last longer. 

            What are you waiting for? Get designing now as Arka promises you full support. Our in-house dieline designers will make sure your designs are ready for printing. You can change your designs whenever you want with no extra cost.

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