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These Mind-blowing Stats Show Just How Important Brand Packaging Is

A package arrives at your door. You feel a sense of excitement as you take delivery of a product that is beautifully packaged in a gift-like manner. So much so, that you feel a tinge of reluctance to tear it open for fear of destroying the packaging.

We have all experienced moments like this as customers at some point in time. Beautiful packaging raises your sense of anticipation, and somehow tells you that what is inside is equally a thing of value. It truly evokes a special feeling

For the online shopper, that is the first physical contact the customer makes with your brand and this is an opportunity that should be leveraged in the best way possible.

Here are some mind-blowing stats about how important packaging is to a brand that will certainly make you review your approach to brand packaging.

  • Making a good quality product is essential, but packaging it well is as important. Why? Because it has been found that 70% of the customers form a brand impression, solely based on the packaging!
  • To most people, it matters how well packaged the product they have ordered online is, when it reaches them. A whopping 55% of customers admitted to providing repeat business to the sites that gave them custom packaging.
  • Hold your breath - 52% of customers admit that they are willing to pay more for the products if they like the packaging.
  • A good 30% of businesses say that they see an increase in revenue when they improve product packaging. 

If that is not enough to convince you, here are some more incredible stats about how important brand packaging is:

A staggering 72% of customers’ purchasing decisions that are influenced by well designed, branded packaging, while 64% of shoppers make purchase decisions without the normal pre-purchase research purely based on great packaging.

71% care deeply enough about the earth and sustainability that they prefer brands that use product packaging made out of paper or cardboard vs. those made of plastic and other non-recyclable material. 88% stated that paper or cardboard packaging is preferred due to its recyclability and reusability.

This statistic, in particular, reflects customer values that are deeply personal. Successful businesses generate increased revenue and brand loyalty by making their branding relatable to their customers’ values and emotions. Brand packaging certainly provides you that opportunity on a platter through the use of sustainable packaging material. 

Where packaging design is concerned, 83% concur that packaging made out of paper or cardboard lend more easily to innovative design than more rigid materials. 

As you can tell already, the power of branded packaging cannot be overemphasized. 6 in 10 customers think it is as important as the brand itself.

Product packaging also has an undeniable impact on brand perception. Brand perception is even more important in this digital age where customers have the power to impact it. A testament to this reality is the fact that 5 in 10 online customers say they are more likely to make product referrals to friends based on branded packaging as they have a good perception of the brand. To top that, 63% of them opined that paper or cardboard packaging lent a certain perception of the brand being premium or more upscale. 

With such powerful stats that point to product packaging as a lever for grabbing more brand recognition and loyalty, it is no surprise that custom designed, brand packaging is getting more attention from savvy businesses.


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