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How Packaging Can Make Your Customers Feel Great

After marketing and making the sell, the experience of your product is only beginning for your customer. Many online shoppers see receiving a package as a treat. Still, companies often feel restricted on where to spend limited funds. Investing in branded packaging may feel extraneous.

But, customers buy products based on how they make them feel. The moment customers receive your item can make or break their impression of the product. Online shipping can be impersonal, and focusing on the details of branded packaging will set you apart from competitors. 

As markets become more competitive, these little differences can have a huge impact. If you receive a birthday present in a bag from the store you’ll still (probably) like it. But if the present is wrapped in photos of your favorite animal, you’ll always remember the joy of seeing the package before even knowing what was inside.


The Benefits of Branded Packaging


Here are some of the benefits of branded packaging:

  • 80% of consumers make buying decisions based on photos they see online.
  • An unboxing video may lead to your next customer
    • New unboxing videos are released every week, with the top Social Media influencers having billions of views on YouTube
  • Loyal customers will connect your packaging with products they love.
    • Before touching an Apple product, the texture is familiar. The slow poosh of air as the box slides apart. Customers want predictability.
    • 40% of consumers are likely to make repeat purchases if the product is in premium packaging.

The benefits are clear. Even better, there are lots of ways to make this a reality. We’ve found several solutions to increase the timeline for paying off your card. Brex, for example, offers a 60-day interest-free line of credit with no personal guarantee or fees. Payoneer and Plastiq let you extend your timeline and pay with a credit card, and Brex has discount offers with both. All these companies make money off interchange —the fees paid by merchants for accepting credit cards. And these cards do not need a personal guarantee or your SSN / FICO score to get access to capital.

The newfound freedom from having to pay back in 30 days means you can focus on the details — the details that will leave an impression with your customers. According to a consumer psychologist, brain scans show consumers evaluate brands mostly based on emotion. And those emotions are important to brands because they influence individuals choices and preferences. Also, consider the fact of how huge is the effect of packaging on consumer behavior.

Using the Brex ecommerce card gives a positive financing option where you can get a limit twice what you spend in a month. You can reinvest your sales revenue into the delivery and all the little details that will make you stand out.


About Brex


Brex is a corporate card for ecommerce that is financing built for the way you work. This is not a loan or a cash advance, but rather a 60-day interest-free line of credit based on your trailing 30-day sales. 

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