custom shipping boxes for small businesses

Custom Shipping Boxes for Small Businesses

When it comes to the word custom, it is pretty huge for small businesses. To any small business, it simply means it is going to cost more and cut into profits. So, when it comes to custom packaging, a lot of entrepreneurs and founders think of it as an out of reach add-on. Time to think again as it really is not so! 

Being a small business owner, when was the last time you ordered something that stood out and didn’t look like just another Amazon package? Chances are it was a custom shipping box that has at least a logo and some design elements on the carton. 

Custom Shipping Boxes for Small Businesses

No matter what industry you are in, custom printed boxes are very popular. If you put a little effort into choosing and designing these boxes, the reach is almost 100%. Everyone will take a minute to touch and feel the material, admire the packaging, and if it is exceptionally good, share it on social media as well. Did you know that unboxing videos are a major hit on YouTube? In fact, millennials buying decisions are influenced by those videos as well. And, these little things will create an impression of how much you are involved and go a long way in retaining and acquiring new customers.

Another major plus point of using a custom shipping box is that you can opt for eco-friendly materials. In a world where the climate crisis is real, it is important to take a moment to evaluate the environmental impact of your business. Low-waste and sustainable products are genuinely attractive, and many consumers often consider switching brands if it offers to be safer for the environment.

If you are almost convinced that custom shipping boxes can be a good investment, there’s more to this side. Did you know that shipping companies charge extra for something called dimensional weight? It means that irrespective of the weight of the product, they charge depending on the dimensions. By using custom shipping boxes, you can save a lot of money in shipping.

Now, since you are on-board, here are a few things you should definitely know about custom shipping boxes:

1. Material

Corrugated cardboard is highly recommended for manufacturing shipping boxes. They are strong, durable, and can withstand heavy packages. It also does not get damaged during transit and is made of 80% recycled materials. If you have light packages such as soap, cereals, or other food items, then kraft boxes are enough. You can also check our custom soap boxes or custom mailer boxes.

2. Pick a Style

This is another advantage of having custom boxes. Depending on the product or brand-line, you can choose to play with the box styles. You do not have to restrict yourself to choosing a simple rectangle one. You can choose to have inserts, handles, windows, sleeves, etc. This can actually distinguish your product from the existing products available in the market and gives you the most needed push.

3. Design

If you have chosen the style of your box, then time to start designing. From having a simple logo to captions to social media pages, or any other interesting facts, the options are vast. Not just that, you can also play with different color schemes. These are great marketing options without any additional costs. 

4. Box Fillers

You can customize the dimension of the shipping box tailored perfectly to your product. But, if you want to make it a little extra and nail the presentation part, then go for the box fillers. From biodegradable peanuts, air pillows, the famous bubble wrap, and paper shred to wood excelsior, it provides good cushioning for fragile products and looks pleasing as well. 

5. Other Accessories

Accessories such as custom stickers, tapes, and custom tissue papers that are customized to suit your boxes are other add-ons that you can look to incorporate. Those might again seem like an extra cost, but in reality, it’s a wise spend of marketing dollars.

Final Thoughts

    We at Arka, understand your expectations as a small business owner. We are a one-stop solution for all your packaging needs and have over a decade of experience. Right from helping you pick a box, designing them, and giving you a competitive rate, we are there to help you through the process.

    For us, there is no such thing as a small business and we value everyone equally. Whether you require 10 or 1000 custom boxes, we are here to help you. We are present in Shopify as well as BigCommerce, which helps you pick our boxes through our free app. 

    Once you start using custom shipping boxes, they start earning for themselves over a period of time. Try us and see it for yourself!

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